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Asmaul Husna

The Inspiring Quote

"Apabila engkau merasa letih karena berbuat kebaikan, maka sesungguhnya keletihan itu akan hilang dan kebaikan akan terus kekal.
Sekiranya engkau bersenang-senang dengan dosa, maka sesungguhnya kesenangan itu akan hilang dan dosa yang dilakukan akan terus kekal."
(Umar bin Al-Khathab)

Monday, October 13, 2008

Finally I found your cousin, son...

Finally, I can give the answer of my son about cousin. It is really happiest moment that I wait for. I can see my other children in Batam. My dearest sister's children.
Here are their photograph.
The Princess Aini, the princess Zahra, and The prince Thoriq...

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